Nights of Rizal

Nights of Rizal is Migi de Belen singing over his laptop beats. Now based in Mandaluyong, the singer-songwriter started Nights of Rizal in 2007 as an instrumental beats project but has since recorded songs—Karma Zero is his first release with vocals. The Nights of Rizal sound is characterized by shuffly beats, deep bass, and bloop & blips reminiscent of your favorite computer games. With a limited CD printing of 100 copies, Nights of Rizal's Karma Zero EP was released on August 23, 2013 in a joint event with fellow electronic artist SimilarObjects' ~tilde LP. Karma Zero contains 6 songs including a short spoken word interlude. The EP spans a diverse range of electronic music styles from dubstep, to drumstep, to bitpop & chiptunes, and glitch.

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