Id Lyrics

by Nuncyspungen

Energy, burned effigy.. Encountering my sincerest needs
Of one or two, or me and you, or anything else that matters in this war/world

I hear you send them away, are you willingly sending me away?
And a plea that i can’t bear like it’s the last breath with tears
Has told me a secret that no one hears..

For you and no one else..
There'd better be something.. I need to have something
Time can change their/your ways
I'll tell you once again.. I know you’ll disagree…
But i need/want to be someone like you…

Inner peace or anarchy.. Let's make a deal..
We have to leave without tragedy..
And now these minds have changed again, and left me lost in burning flames..

Wake up and play.. No word is too clear
Your minds made up but i'll be here

What i need is all i want, what i want is all in you

A word from the healed when rivers run dry
I'll take my own.. With head up high

You think they’re your friends but they only pretend
I'll take up my arms, the enemy’s near

It's alright…. (sleep)

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