One Grand Of Something Lyrics

by Nuncyspungen

If you want it now, just go walk out that door
I’ve seen you try but you fail as before.
Let's be young and free once again..
But this won't be now..

As seasons pass, you don’t want to react
I'll be gone, and so will our pact.
When your down.. You know where i'll be found..
You make turns and be back…
You’ll return and be back…you’ll return and well be…

I'll fly…with you

Do you beg to try or begin to give in..
Does your mind tell you…there’s no way to win..
Wouldn’t you want to be awake?
Let's get high…and come with me..

Now you think that this thing’s meant to be,
You couldn’t be worse, your just like me..
Aren’t we so misunderstood?

Is there a way?…is there a way to escape?

This is a low... This is the way i want it to be…
Souls collapse from delicate poison,
I always knew you were mine

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