It all began about 12 to 13 years ago.We dont exactly remember the date,which is a bummer.. but We're pretty sure it started during summer.I just got out from a band (PG-18) in college which was doing pretty good at that time.Boobop Nunez,a.k.a kingspade,also played bass for the same band.when I decided to part ways, he did as well.Not quite sure why,BUt I Think He had his own reasons as well.Boobop then ventured his way with new bands, Landing gigs with ghetto sounds from Glitch and new wave music from Sheila and the insects. On the other hand,I was also in search of "making the band". I was more on the rap side of music..hip-hop was one of my main influences at that time.from tone loc to the beastie boys, there wasnt a rhyme I wouldnt dig. So I went back to the roots,to the roots where our musical interest began..high school. by that time, we were already in college(USC) .I just heard that Franklin Veloso aka Frani, and Ian Sekong aka Yannix were playing together in a reggae band they formed with a couple of college buds.Both guys were good friends of mine in high school.We used to play in different bands in high school..different influences.Frani was more on the open side of rock..gaining influences ranging from led zep to tool.Back in the days we used to rock out covers from RATM..local acts like wolfgang was also a big influence at that time.Mission concerts during october was a "must" gig that should be played.

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