Privacy Policy

SongHits Philippines recognizes that privacy is important. This Privacy Policy applies to all of the products and services offered by SongHits Philippines and its affiliated companies.

When mobile consumers participate in a SongHits Philippines supported promotion or mobile campaign, SongHits Philippines will receive certain information about the participant (such as phone number and mobile services provider). By participating in the mobile programs and campaign supported by SongHits Philippines, mobile users give permission to SongHits Philippines to collect information about the user.

We are committed to protecting your privacy at SongHits Philippines. We will not collect any personal information from mobile participants that the user does not volunteer and we are the sole owner of all information collected. We do not sell, share or rent this information in any way to third party service providers, partners, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising and promotional agencies and others.

SongHits Philippines may be required to provide its partners and other service providers with data submitted by mobile participants in order to support requirements for a specific campaign. For example, users might submit their zip code to check their eligibility to purchase a product or service, where the zip code information needs to be queried in an external database to SongHits Philippines's network. SongHits Philippines may also provide log files and other data of user information to third parties for analysis to get a better understanding of general behavior for the sole purpose of improving our service and content offerings.

SongHits Philippines implements a very high level of security to protect all mobile user information captured by campaign participants whether the data is being stored or processed.

If you wish to change any information you have given us, or have any questions on our Privacy Policy, please contact us at