Black Heart Woman Lyrics

by Razorback

This is my story, it will only take a minute to tell you
'bout a wicked love and the woman who's been dealin'.
A finer girl I've never seen in all my years of love.
A picture perfect candy queen with a devil in her blood.

Black hearted woman, you're giving me the red blues.
Black hearted woman, I feel it's down to you.

She's got fiery eyes, a sunny smile, a body made for sin.
She'll make you come with a flick of her tongue, she always plays to win.
Black hearted woman, I quit your love. I'll fight you 'til the end.
But just a drink from your loving cup and I'm the on the run again.

Say you don't want me, and yet you keep coming back for more.
You say you don't want me, you keep running through my back door.
And yet here she comes again.

You got moonlight eyes, and a body made for sin.
Here I stand, the shell of a man, a victim of her crimes.
I had my pride just stripped away, nothing I have is mine.
Black hearted woman, you've done me in, you've worn me to the bone.
Use me and abuse me, just don't ever leave me alone.
Don't leave me alone


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