Let It Rain Lyrics

by Razorback

It took so long to see what you could be.
Your head's so high, you think the sun shines between your knees.
The storm's clouds come your way, do you know what they bring?
You're living your lies. I'll get up there and cut your wings.

I'm glad you never came.
And if you think you're shining let it rain…

Your dreams just slip away the shifting sands.
Your eyes too quick to see, your heart won't take the time to understand.
The memories of a virtuous you, smothered by my heavy hand.
An angel with no wings, you're a cancelled flight too proud to land.

Succubus in disguise, I can see it through your brown eyes.
Fooled me once, can't fool me again.
Three times a charm, get down and bend.
A storm is brewing, here comes the rain.

Riding on you high holy horses, no games to play.
So many pretty faces which one is it gonna be today?
An angel with no wings, a devil with no horns.
Too proud to feel the pain. Unlucky one, I am to say.


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