We Gotta Move Lyrics

by Razorback

Everytime I feel a little low, I get visions inside my mind
of lovers always coming and eyes always shinin'.
Flashing tongue and a smile. But a thousand nights aflame.
Never gurns just quite the same.
She smokes me in a different way. Everytime... and she says.

Groovin' to her rhythm, I'm a dog on a chain.
Spank when I'm doin' wrong. Always takes her time, making sure, I get mine.
A touch of love to make me shine. My love is never tired of running.
And she tastes like sweet, sweet honey.
She's oozing all over me and she says... We gotta move!

So, everytime I feel a little down, I see here face and I feel her smile.
Think about those times, those sweet, sweet times.
We were groovin' on those crazy styles.
Her love is hot as a flame. Never feels any of that shame.
She's tastin' so much better. Everytime... and she says... We gotta move!


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