You And Your Sins Lyrics

by Razorback

Sorry if I fail to disappoint you.
Some would love to see me fail. I will not fall on my tail.

I play by my rules.
My horns are sharp and I’ve learned to manipulate.
To the lesser ones: I hold your fate.

You and your sins…
We’ve been waiting for –
We’ve opened our doors to –
You’re welcome, please check-in.
It’s the end. I always win.

I never forced myself upon you.
The choice was always yours,
And now I’m opening my doors.

Your lust has made yourself
a bed of envy, wrath and gluttony.
Are you proud of what you see?
You sloth, you’re greedy.

Must it be this way?
I did not come to stay.
Is there anything I can say – to escape this fate?

Must it end this way?


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