It's Getting Late Lyrics

by Rivermaya

It's getting late
I'm feeling funny
It's getting late
I fear, uh oh

It's getting late
The night is callin
It's getting late
Out here, uh oh

We will
Ride the wings of moonlight
Through the stardust in the night
Till we're
Gently kissed by daylight
You'll be captive in my eyes

It's getting late
I'm sure they worry
It's getting late
My dear, uh oh

It's getting late
I hear them callin'
Itâ's getting late
Come home, come on,
come home, come on,
come home'

How can I ride?
How can I fall?
How can I lay me down?

How can I run?
How can I leave and disappear?
How can I learn?
How can I follow?
How can I sympathize?

And what if I burn
What if tomorrow
Brings only melted ice?


How can I see
Right through my sorrows?
How do I get through lies, get through lies?

How can I breathe?
Whom do I turn to
If you're not here?
Here uh oh


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