She's So Uncool Lyrics

by Rivermaya

Now it serves my evil purpose just to see her
Though I know now what she says is untrue
And the things she makes me count
But, for the record, count me out
”honey harder baby!” that’s what she screamed

Now she makes me wait beneath the cloud of darkness
Like a lover in despair, I thank you
For the things you made me see
All through the madness
You taught me well, forget your wedding bells

Ah, she’s so uncool
She’s the loneliness that hangs beneath your cradle
Though you know that what I say it ain’t true
Well the gift I gave today don’t really matter
It’s the clothes she wears,
And the way she swears 

Ah, she’s so uncool
Ah, she’s so uncool
Ah, she’s so uncool


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