sessiOnroad is an alternative rock band from the Philippines. Band members are Hannah Romawac-Olives (vocals, rhythm guitar), Coy Placido (lead guitar, synth/also from the band Top Junk), Chavi Romawac (drums, percussions), JV Romawac (percussions, back-up vocals) and Lulu Villarde (bass). Coy and Hannah are the group's chief composers. sessiOnroad's music showcases a fusion of different genres—rock, pop rock, alternative, blues, reggae, soul, and mainstream. The band's first album was produced by Grace Nono and Bob Aves under Star Records. It was the release of the first single SUNTOK SA BUWAN, from their second album of the same title and produced by Alpha Records in September 2004, that gained for sessiOnroad a lot of recognition from the listening public. The song topped the charts in almost all major radio stations in Manila for two straight weeks since it started airplay. Suntok sa Buwan was nominated song of the year for 2004. "Blanko" a meditative song about emptiness, from the their 2006 album "bakit hindi?"(why not?), won the band's AWIT AWARDS' Best Music Video under the people's choice category in 2007.

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