Losin My Mind Lyrics

by South Border

Baby i’m losin’ my mind
Askin’ myself how can i make it
Up to you?
Oh baby, thinkin’ back now i know
Foolin’ around was just
Crazy game i played, oh babe

Coz girl you left me on my own
I don’t know what to do
I guess it doesn’t feel right
Baby i can’t let go
I just wanna let you know
That i’m losin’ my mind
(baby i’m losin’ my mind)
Everytime i think of you, baby
(baby i’m losin’ my mind)
Girl you really knock me out
(baby i’m losin’ my mind)

Wishin’ for another chance
See that i’m all alone
And beggin’ for you please
Don’t keep me hangin’

Hope i could find a way to
Convince you
That i’ve just learned
All the things i’m supposed to do
This time it would be true

Coz day and night i keep on dreamin’
About the girl i would like to
Be with forever
Baby there’s no one else
Darlin’ i know you’re there
That’s why i’m losin’ my mind


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