Squid 9

Squid 9 is Raymund Marasigan’s musical adventures away from his bands (Sandwich, Pedicab, Gaijin, Cambio, Eraserheads). Previous collaborators include Francism, Vin Dancel (Peryodiko), Kathy Meneses (Daydream Cycle), Sun Valley Crew, Rann Golamco (Drip), Gloc 9, and many other artists by way of remixes and guest tracks. Squid 9 has released three previous albums, Inkjet and Kraken Modular, and a collection of remixes dubbed Deleted Scenes. This February, Squid 9 is releasing a brand new album called Origamidi. A collection of songs served in beautiful minimal electronica with a dash of dirty jagged synthesisers and distorted drums. Steering away from a traditional cd release, Squid 9 worked with Team Manila to release Origamidi via USB flash drive embedded in limited edition cans filled with squid crackers, dispensed from a customized vending machine.

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