Well, you have a sense you barely use 
So I can keep an eye on you 
So I will know what you like 
And give me a go 

Baby you have that thing 
I can't explain 
Well it's making me insane 

I'm gunna make you feel 
That with me 
You're gunna feel what's real 

I see you walking in this place 
You give me chills, im in a haze 
(oh how cute, oh how cute!) 

You're walking fast 
I'm catching up 
I'm right here, behind your back 
(oh how cute, oh how cute!) 

I'm acting like a stranger 
A simple weird phenomenon 
(oh how weird, oh how weird!) 

I wanna get your digits 
I feel there's no limits 
Now I'll try, im gunna die 

And I dont care 
What you do 
Just let me really love you 
You don't know 
What's my name 
I'm the king of this stalking game

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