The Youth

The Youth is a Filipino rock band. Their music is a mixture of punk and alternative rock, influenced heavily by Wuds, a pioneering Filipino punk band. First, it was called “Boyish Day”; the band was formed in 1989 composed of Dodong Cruz (Bass/Backup vocals), Erap Carrasco (Drums), Pat Epino (lead guitars) and Zaldy Carrasco (Lead singer). They played music suitable during the time, New wave, alternative and punk music, which was common on the radio station XB102’s Capital Radio. The station saw the origins of what would be one of the most famous local acts of the early 90’s. Due to musical differences, the group separated and formed another groups. Dodong and Pat formed EnVoice, while Erap and Zaldy, together with John Olidan, formed the Obscure Tone. Whenever there were concerts, Dodong, Erap and John always volunteer to be front act in concerts when nobody doesn't want to be first. The trio became popular, and they decided to form a new group called The Youth. Their first underground hit song was say “AMEN”. Dodong was thereafter named as Kristo. Another member joined The Youth in the person of Raul Velez. Prior to release of The Youth's first album, John Olidan migrated to Canada. He was replaced by Robert Javier. With their diverse influences, The Youth was able to produce their very own signature sound.

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