Between The Earth And Sky Lyrics

by Urbandub

Come fly with me tonight, it's so good
Upon the northern winds embrace by fire 
You've captured me and tortured me with those eyes
Did you know that just for you i'm letting go

Suddenly my wings burst into flames
So tell me how you do the things you do, that thing you do
Do you it honey use it if you use it I'll break the rules
I wonder if you know that I would gladly play the fool
If only just to know the things that thing you do that makes me fall (inlove)

Decide to cross the line and go against design 
I'll follow you wherever never letting go

All the times I've lived in regret
All the fears that I possessed
You came along and change it all
I renew to better man
Always I'll be right here
Till the world will fall down
Till all the stars will fall

Come fly with me tonight, it's good


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