Sleight Of Hand Lyrics

by Urbandub

You've gotten good at hiding emotion
Been faking it, for how long, I can't tell
You serve your feelings with different illusions
A sleight of hand in stories you can weave
The further we go, we find ourselves lost
We find ourselves doing all the wrong things

The city streets are glowing, numb our skin
We hide the pain, the memories that repeat
I'm at a loss on how to replace a heart
We never thought could break
When the world is crumbling down
When the world is crumbling

If you're hurting, your world us crumbling down
I will stay with you 'til the morning
Let the morning come and turn it around
Stay with you 'til the morning
When the world is crumbling down
Turn it around

We've gotten good at finding a way
Through different phases, time can only tell
Awaiting the sunrise, racing the night

Let the morning come
Morning light, turn it around


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