Wency Cornejo

Wency Cornejo was the former lead vocalist and primary songwriter of the Filipino rock band Afterimage in the '90s. He is the son of veteran newscaster and talk show personality Mel Tiangco. Wency never expected to become a successful singer and songwriter. He was rejected twice when he auditioned for Kundirana, the famous singing group of De La Salle University-Manila. Since then, he concentrated on his studies in college and only sang his favorite U2 songs during laboratory classes. It was during one of these occasional "solo concerts" that a classmate took note of his singing prowess, and told him that he knew of a band that was in need of a singer. That band happened to be Afterimage. His entry into the band marked the start of his professional singing career. Afterimage became one of the most successful bands in the '90s. Unfortunately, the group disbanded after 11 years and three hit albums. Wency, then, pursued a solo career. He has released four albums as a solo artist.

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