Sanctified Lyrics

by Wolfgang

I'm born down in the dirt,born with mud in my eyes
Born kicked in the teeth born a loser in life
So put me on the pedestal so everyone can see
And listen to the gospel of the living mokery.
I will be,Yes sanctified!
I'm negatively spent every single day
A tortured beaten soul in every single way
I'm such a goddamned fool for living the way i do
But i play the hand I'm given,not the hand i choose
I will be,Yes sanctified!
Bring me down as a holy man
And bring down again as a holy man.
And bring me down again as a holy man
Like a holy man
Now I'm the hero of masses,king of the world
A disciple to conviction it's obvious yet absurd
How someone's way of living can become converse
From pauper to prince, a blessing to a curse.
Yeah! I will be yeah sanctified!
I will be yes sanctified,
I will be,


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